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Process We Adhere To Augment The Confidence Of Delray Beach Realtor

The fast-paced digitalization is revolutionizing the conventional sales process. Because of this, realtors may feel out of place and confront trouble with their day-to-day functions. How, at Okros Real Estate, do we address the concerns as we work on enhancing our Delray Beach real estate agent productivity and property sales? Here is the work process we follow to accomplish our real estate sales smoothly.

Process Okros Real Estate Follows To Augment Property Sales

Hire The Right People

In order to be more productive, focus on hiring the best/ right talent. Hiring real estate agents with prior real estate work experience or knowledge of the industry gives us an extra boost towards facilitating productivity. Having a prolific workforce by our side helps us achieve more with fewer resources. Moreover, realtors with previous real estate sales experience can add value to our training process, for sure, as they understand the ins and outs of the real estate business.

Delray Beach Realtor Sales Training

Once hiring the best expert, the first step towards growing sales productivity is enabling agent training. Okros Real Estate set a standardized operating procedure (SOP) for all our real estate agents. Moreover, we also set the process based on multiple factors such as:

  • Property Type
  • Location
  • Customer Profile

An SOP assists us in creating a streamlined process. All our agents can also be able to understand the bottlenecks in the process whenever they arise. We furnish our agents with a data bank that comprises all relevant elements for reference. Frankly, a flexible sales training module goes a long way in boosting real estate agent productivity. To furnish our Delray Beach Realtors with a better experience, we also regularly update our training program, its content, and all documentation. In order to eliminate tech-related distractions, hands-on education and training are a must for tools.

We Set Small Goals And Realize Them Consistently

Always meeting sales targets is daunting for many realtors. Hence, we fragment the final goal into small, realistic segments which are simpler to tackle. Regularly achieving smaller targets will induce confidence amongst your real estate agents team & lead to higher agent productivity.

Practice Routine

Developing a routine in our daily operations helps us design a streamlined process for our different teams. For instance, we schedule all our calls in the first half, reach out to the potential customers (buyers & sellers) before the appointment, formulate a task list, and much more. These routine activities also empower us to distinguish which part of the process is hampering the performance of our real estate agents. We also experiment with varying routines to determine the optimal process for our agents. As a real estate company, if you wish to learn the process that works best for your realtors, you may standardize it across teams.

Delray Beach Realtor Define A Process Workflow

Aside from a routine, a robust and flexible workflow lets us restructure the sales process more efficiently. For instance, the Delray Beach Real Estate agent (s) may obtain a property request where they are required to coordinate with another department (s). However, if they don’t maintain close touch with the respective team, the agent could lose valuable time determining the correct contact to convey such an inquiry. That is why we have and maintain a defined flow for internal processes, ensuring that various teams are on the same page and the process runs like clockwork.

If you previously had a strategy but need more effective handling of incoming leads, you need to organize units, processes, resources & plan the outcomes. A compartmentalized workflow also helps you organize data & audit it if you desire to know how you can additionally improve your real estate agent potency.

We Perform A Regular Workload Analysis

Having plenty of tasks in the agent’s buckets can hamper their productivity, of course. A workload analysis helps us know the reasons agents are not able to deliver the results. An efficient task distribution system will help analyze workload and ensure that the workload is delegated equitably among the realtors. For illustration, the workload analysis we perform reveals underutilized human resources in the project. Employing this data, we reallocate those manual resources and thus enhance our property sales. Performing this analysis often will generate data that helps us with better allocation of resources in future projects.

Plan Incentives For Our Delray Beach Real Estate Agent

These days, incentives aren’t restricted to financial compensation for high property sales. But one can also incentivize their employees through simple recognition and appreciation. We also improve our agent’s productivity via incentivization. According to a reliable source, 54% of employees prefer a verbal acknowledgment of their day-to-day achievements to financial compensation. Therefore, we embed such incentives into the process to improve job satisfaction among Delray Beach Realtors. If your agents are not satisfied with their job, you can introduce the concept of referral bonuses aside from the regular financial incentives to encourage property referrals. It also forms a secondary inquiry channel, thereby ultimately improving your property sales.

In Conclusion!

At Okros Real Estate, we follow a sleek workflow to retain and help our agents grow in every possible way financially and belief. The process we follow uplifts each of our relator’s confidence and helps us realize the best outcomes they can deliver in the form of an increased property sale.